Black Panthers(1968)

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This riveting documentary, transports you to the pivotal Free Huey rally held on February 17th, 1968, at Oakland Auditorium in Alameda, California. Newton, the charismatic young college student who, along with Bobby Seale, created the Black Panther Party, had been jailed for allegedly killing a police officer. His arrest–widely believed at the time to be a setup–galvanized Party support throughout the nation and led to a boom in Party membership, bringing a new level of public attention to the Panthers’ cause.


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Agnès Varda

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Preguntas frecuentes sobre Black Panthers

Where can I watch the Black Panthers on the Web?
You can watch the Black Panthers online at
Who directed the Black Panthers?
The Película director is Agnès Varda
Who starred in the Black Panthers?
Huey P. Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Bobby Seale played the leading parts in the Black Panthers
How long does the Película last?
The running time of the Black Panthers is 31 minutes